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Dr Sivaji Chakravorti Director
Dr P Predeep Professor and Head
Prof Lillykutty Jacob Professor
Dr Sunil Jacob John Associate Professor
Dr M K Ravi Varma Associate Professor
Dr V Sivasubramanian Professor
Prof P S Sathidevi Professor
Dr G Unnikrishnan Professor


Biodiesel production from high FFA rubber seed oil...

Author: Ramadhas, A. S.;Jayaraj, S.;Muraleedharan, C.

Use of vegetable oils as I.C. engine fuels - A rev...

Author: Ramadhas, A. S.;Jayaraj, S.;Muraleedharan, C.

Performance and emission evaluation of a diesel en...

Author: Ramadhas, A. S.;Muraleedharan, C.;Jayaraj, S.

Characterization and effect of using rubber seed o...

Author: Ramadhas, A. S.;Jayaraj, S.;Muraleedharan, C.

Effect of fiber surface modification on the mechan...

Author: Sreekumar, P. A.;Thomas, Selvin P.;Saiter, Jean marc;Joseph, Kuruvilla;Unnikrishnan, G.;Thomas, Sabu

Relevance of isotherm models in biosorption of pol...

Author: Rangabhashiyam, S.;Anu, N.;Giri Nandagopal, M. S.;Selvaraju, N.

A comparative study on mechanical properties of si...

Author: Sreekumar, P. A.;Joseph, Kuruvilla;Unnikrishnan, G.;Thomas, Sabu

Artificial neural networks used for the prediction...

Author: Ramadhas, A. S.;Jayaraj, S.;Muraleedharan, C.;Padmakumari, K.

Sequestration of dye from textile industry wastewa...

Author: Rangabhashiyam, S.;Anu, N.;Selvaraju, N.