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Dr R Sridharan

Professor Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, De... View Profile

Dr N Sudarsan

Professor Operations Research, Management Information System... View Profile

Dr S Jayaraj

Professor Thermophoretic Augmentation of Aerosol Particle De... View Profile

Dr C Muraleedharan

Professor Heat Pipes, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Fl... View Profile

Dr Biju T Kuzhiveli

Professor Specialized in Thermal/Cryogenic Engineering. 28 y... View Profile

Dr V Madhusudanan Pillai

Professor Modelling of Problems in Industrial Engineering an... View Profile

Dr N Ramachandran

Professor Unconventional Machining-Ajm Material Science, Man... View Profile

Dr A Shaija

Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Thermodynamics, Heat ... View Profile

Dr Ghulam Jilani

Professor Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Thermal Syste... View Profile

Dr C B Sobhan

Professor Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer, Optical Measurement... View Profile

Dr M L Joy

Professor Hydrodynamic Bearings, Magnetic Bearings,Stress An... View Profile

Dr Jose Mathew

Professor Metal Cutting Studies: Micro-Nano Machinig, Machin... View Profile

Dr K Prabhakaran Nair

Professor Design, Tribology, Composite Material... View Profile

Dr M A Joseph

Professor Metal Casting, Material Science, Metal Matrix Comp... View Profile

Dr P B Dhanish

Associate Professor Metrology, Quality Engineering and Management... View Profile

Dr Arun P

Associate Professor Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Thermal Design O... View Profile

Dr M D Narayanan

Associate Professor Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Vibration... View Profile

Dr Vineesh K P

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesha T

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) ... View Profile

Pradeepmon T.G

Assistant Professor Specialised in non-conventional optimization, supp... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Gillawat

Assistant Professor Mechanism Design & Analysis, Robotics Design & Ana... View Profile

Dr T J Sarvoththama Jothi

Assistant Professor Supersonic Jet Flows, Jet flows and jet aeroacoust... View Profile

Dr U B Jayadeep

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics, Finite Element Method, Nanomecha... View Profile

Dr V Sajith

Assistant Professor Optical Measurements, Nano fluids, Automobile Engi... View Profile